Our Mission Statement 
Since the opening of Landlords Protection Network in 1988 it has been our goal to provide our members with valuable information and services that not only saves them time and money but also provides real security knowing they have protected their investment as well as possible. 
Complete Tenant Screening
Screening Services
As a limited property management company we offer tenant screening along with other services to Protect your investment with top of the line qualified tenants. Significantly reduce the headaches associated with evictions by using the most premier reporting  technologies available. 

Several complexes, no problem. Identify each complex by a different code for separate billing and tracking.

Credit Reports  (Nation wide trans union report)

Eviction Reports (Highly recommended!) Not shown typically on credit report. Failure to pay rent, evictions or law suits because of non payment of rents or property damage.

Criminal Reports (Is your applicant wanted or has history or violating the law? Drugs, violence ect.) 

TeleCheck(By use of the drivers license # it may be determined if applicant has ever written any bad checks) 
Along with several reports 
Fraud ID Search
Previous Address Tenant History
Sex Offender Search for 34 States
Terroist Search
Drivers Licenses

Now offering Rent Recovery Service

The Landlord Collection Agency is available on both a flat fee and contingency fee basis. Both services boast an aggressive approach to resolve delinquent rent collection problems for property managers nationwide. We help landlords collect unpaid rent with our exclusive eletronic surveillance software that can track the financial status of any debtor, every day, anywhere in the country. No other company pursues delinquent tenants as aggressively.
Click on link above or below to start collecting on your past due accounts now!

Rent Recovery Services

From area code 209 dial 525-9135
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